A small and honest personal opinion on @nxpanin NFT’s.

Painting #6

As a abstract enthusiast myself, his moving artworks are something I can’t take my eyes off. You can stop the video at each single frame, print it and hang it a wall, no exeptions.
I’m not going to analyze the way he does these works, because I’m not that familiar with the topic of Machine Learning.
What I’m going to focus on instead is the end result: what we see as spectators, what he’s offering us.

Painting #4

What I find incredibly interesting is how the shape of the canvas is always changing, from tall to wide, from small to large.
These works cease to be mere canvases on a wall, they start to become alive.
As a shy flower blooming and twisting right in front of our eyes, we are charmed.
At the start it might be pale, but in a singular motion it changes and brings out those vibrant colours and edgy shapes that were a second ago hidden from us.

I personally feel like admiring a Nikita’s artwork is like trying to understand a language we don’t know, but we love the sound of it.

The Perenneural Philosophy

While I was searching some of Nikita’s work for this article I found this work from him and it instantly became one of my favourites so far.
This audioreactive video focused on the topic of the Icons is just hypnotic.
It could easily be a Orthodox Christian Manifesto of the 21st century. Yet sometimes we are hit with a splash of other beliefs, just like each religion is indirectly influeced by another one.

All of this under the spell of that wonderful musical composition on the background that interacts with the images and times their motions.

I highly encourage anyone who read this to check out @nxpanin works and his website here:

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